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O General Split AC 1.5 ton | ASGA18FUTD-UZ | 18000 Btu

O General Split AC 1.5 ton | ASGA18FUTD-UZ | 18000 Btu

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O General Split AC 1.5 ton | ASGA18FUTD-UZ | 18000 Btu

Enjoy optimal home cooling with the O General Split AC 1.5 ton. With 18000 Btu and a wide coverage area, this air conditioner lets you create a comfortable environment in any room. Enjoy uniform air distribution and low energy consumption with its energy-efficient R410A refrigerant. Get the perfect temperature in your home with the O General Split AC.



Indoor Unit: ASGA18FUTD-U
Outdoor Unit: ASGA18FUTDHU
Capacity Class Btu/h: 18000
Power source V/a/Hz 220-240 220-240/1/50
Energy Label: 3

T1 condition


Input Power KW: 5.33-5.33
Btu/h: 18,200-18,200

Input Power kW: 1.51-1.55
Current A: 7.0-6.6
EER Btu/hW: 3.53-3.44

T3 condition


KW: 4.77
Btu/h: 16,300

Input Power kW: 1.81
Current A: 8.0
EER Btu/hW: 9.01

Moisture Removal (1.0)

Pints/h: 1.8
Liter/h: 1

Airflow rate (Super high)

C.F.M: 736
(m3/h): 1,250

Net Dimensions H x W x D Net Weight

mm: 340 x 1,150 x 280
kg (lbs): 16.0 (35)
mm: 650 x 830 x 320
kg (lbs): 47.0 (103)

Refrigerant: R410A
Connection Method F: Flare


Specifications are based on the following conditions

T Condition: Indoor temperature of 27°CDB / 19°CWB and outdoor temperature of 35°CDB / 24°CWB

T3- Condition: Indoor temperature of 29°CDB / 19°CWB, and outdoor temperature of 45°CDB / 24°CWB

All indoor units are single-phase types.

Specifications and design are subject to change without notice for further improvement. Please check with your dealer.

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