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O General Inverter Split AC 2.5 ton | ASGH30CXTA-UZ | 30000 Btu

O General Inverter Split AC 2.5 ton | ASGH30CXTA-UZ | 30000 Btu

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O General Inverter Split AC 2.5 ton | ASGH30CXTA-UZ | 30000 Btu

The O General Inverter Split AC series offers maximum efficiency and comfort for your home. The 2.5-ton ASGH18CXTA-UZ model is equipped with 30,000 Btu and a powerful inverter designed to let you stay cool and save energy all summer long.

The 2.5-ton ASGH30CXTA-UZ model is designed to cool larger spaces quickly and efficiently, with 30,000 Btu, giving you the perfect environment for relaxation and entertainment.

Beat the heat with O General's Inverter Split AC 2.5 ton. This energy-efficient appliance features a capacity of 30,000 Btu and comes with an inverter motor for consistent cooling. Get robust air circulation with its triple air flow for maximum indoor comfort.




Indoor Unit: ASGH30CXTA-U
Outdoor Unit: AOGH30CXTA-U
Capacity Class | Btu/h: 30,000
Power source | V/a/Hz: 230/1/50
Energy Label: 4

T1 condition

kW: 8.21
Btu/h: 28,000
Input Power:
kW: 2.15
Current A:
A: 9.7
Btu/hW: 13.02


T3 condition

kW: 6.98
Btu/h: 23,800
Input Power
kW: 2.43
Current A
Current A: 10.9
Btu/hW: 9.79

Moisture Removal

Pints/h: 4.8
Liter/h: 2.7


Airflow rate (Super high)

C.F.M: 894 800
(m3/h): 1,520-1,360

Net Dimensions H x W D, Net Weight

mm: 340 1,150 x 289
kg (lbs): 16 (35)
mm: 788 x 940 x 320
kg (lbs): 53 (117)

Refrigerant: R32

Connection Method: Flare wear

Specifications are based on the following conditions:

T1 Condition: Indoor temprature of 27°CDB/ 19°CWB and outdoor temprature of 35°CDB / 24°CWB

T3 Condition: Indoor temprature of 29°CDB/ 19°CWB and outdoor temprature of 46°CDB / 24°CWB

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